6 Tools To Help You Create An Affiliate Marketing Funnel in WordPress

Being an affiliate marketer can be a career choice for individuals, but how does it work? Well, an organization can register you under them to help it sell its products, thereby you become an “affiliate” to that organization.

Most organizations use influencers who have a wide reach of audience to advertise their products and sell them and, in turn, pay a certain amount of money as a commission for their activities.

Turning a potential customer into an actual customer is never easy. You need to be strategic and plan on how to convert clicks into sales. In this article, we will bring to your knowledge affiliate marketing funnels with which you can use to create value and attract people to make purchases.

Bearing in mind what an affiliate marketing funnel is, you should understand that you have to build your funnel in such a way that it will steer visitors to the product and make a purchase.

Below are affiliate marketing funnel plugins you can use to create a perfect site. They are WordPress compatible plugins.

1. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder, to build WordPress pages easily.

The beaver builder offers a drag-and-drop page builder which can be used as a plugin for WordPress, and it assists you to build your desired funnel in a short period.

With the beaver builder, you can build a funnel with its simple interface within minutes, and it’s fully customizable.

Features of Beaver Builder

The features of Beaver Builder is what makes it a superb choice in building your affiliate marketing funnel. They include;

  • Easy to use a drag-and-drop feature, which allows for the arrangement and insertion of text and images.
  • The ability for final version editing of what potential customers are to see when they come on the site.
  • Beaver Builder is SEO friendly and works with any theme.
  • Numerous templates are readily available for usage, and you can import and also re-use a template.

Beaver Builder offers a standard plan and a pro plan which costs $99 and $199 per month, respectively.


  • Easy to use
  • Top-notch creation interface.
  • Supports drag-and-drop feature and also front-end editing.
  • It has over 50 ready-made templates from which you can use.
  • It allows for WordPress widgets to be used on the beaver builders’ page.


  • It is relatively expensive.
  • Limited by the theme you choose.
  • Inability to insert custom CSS code.

2. Kartra

Karta, a tool to help you launch a funnel without a big team.

The numerous functions on this funnel builder make it easily one of the best funnel builders to use in creating your affiliate marketing funnel with WordPress. Its many marketing solutions make it simpler to push sales.

Features of Kartra

Kartra has some unique features which make it one of the best, these features include;

  • It has an affiliate management tool
  • Helpdesk is available.
  • Kartra features an automated sale-driven campaign.
  • Ability to add host videos.

Kartra offers 4 unique plans, which are Starter plan, Silver plan, Gold plan, and Platinum plan, which costs $99, $199, $299, and $499 per month, respectively.


  • Host videos can be added.
  • All Kartra plans grants full access to Kartra tools.
  • Added features like Kartra calendars and Kartra helpdesks.


  • Kartra is expensive, and it can get even more expensive as time goes on.
  • There should be more features added to its website builder.

3. GetResponse

GetResponse, get your business online fast.

This is an email marketing app that lets you do a host of things. It has an autoresponder capability and now aims to provide an all-in-one marketing tool. They offer webinar hosting, e-commerce, automated marketing funnels, and landing pages, added to their already existing email marketing system.

Features of GetResponse

Features you can find on GetResponse includes;

  • They offer an auto funnel that creates a market funnel, webinar, and also a lead funnel.
  • It features an email marketing tool.
  • You will be able to see your products through their online store.

GetResponse is one of the cheapest funnel builders you would ever come across. Its Basic, Essential, Professional, and Enterprise plans cost $15, $49, $99, and $1,199 per month, respectively.


  • Support offers a large variety of languages.
  • A great marketing automation choice.
  • Good data segmentation.
  • Relatively cheap for beginners.


  • They have a limited number of templates
  • They do not have an affiliate management tool
  • It doesn’t feature a membership site

4. Convertri

Convertri, faster funnels and higher conversions.

This WordPress based marketing funnel builder allows for connection of pages into funnels. It is often referred to as a stand-alone funnel creator. Its replacement with dynamic text is a unique feature that makes it stand out from Kartra and ClickFunnels.

Features of Convertri

There are many features Convertri offers, with some being unique. Some of them include:

  • It has a drag-and-drop feature for editing.
  • You can easily convert your pages into AMP.
  • Can use dynamic text while editing.

Convertri offers a 14-day free trial, which costs 1 cent, and their Standard, Pro, and Agency plan $59, $69, and $199 per month.


  • It has a great page loading speed.
  • It has a drag-and-drop feature.
  • Dynamic text replacement.
  • Continuously improved by the development team.


  • It has a limitation on the number of pages that can be created.
  • It doesn’t have inbuilt automation.
  • It doesn’t have a membership site creator.
  • It functions in conjunction and not as an autonomous marketing funnel builder.

5. Divi Builder

Divi Builder, the most popular WP page builder in the world.

This builder is very compatible with WordPress and has numerous options to choose from as well as enjoying the flexibility of usage. It is relatively easy to create an affiliate marketing funnel with it and has many options to help you do that.

The features you can find on the Divi builder are too numerous to mention. The interface itself is a beauty, and we assure you would enjoy creating your ideal funnel using this builder.


  • It has a front-end page builder.
  • 100+ templates to choose from.
  • It features inline text editing.
  • It has responsive editing.


  • It rarely has a pop-up builder.
  • Many options can be distracting.
  • It has some glitches.

6. ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels, my personal favorite funnel building tool for affiliate marketing.

This is still regarded as the most popular and best funnel creator in the world to use in creating your affiliate marketing funnel. You can easily create webinars, membership sites, landing pages, manage affiliates, and so much more. You can learn a lot by using this builder. It incorporates many features to be an all-in-one funnel creator.

Features of ClickFunnels

  • It has pre-existing templates from which one can use.
  • Its drag-and-drop feature is impressive.
  • It has an affiliate management system.
  • It allows for funnel sharing.

There are many more features you can find on ClickFunnels, and its Startup plan costs $97 monthly, while its Suite plan is $297 per month.


  • You just need a little marketing knowledge is needed.
  • Ready-made funnels are available to help you.
  • Its all-in-one tool is a major advantage. You wouldn’t need to pay for individual tools.
  • It takes only a few hours to build your funnel.


  • It is expensive for beginners.
  • Not suitable for a full online store.


Using WordPress is an excellent way to attract sales, and you can do that by creating an affiliate marketing funnel. The aforementioned tools will help you do so.

You can choose any to help you with your sales funnel, depending on what kind of content you desire to create.