Clickfunnels vs. Instapage

In this article we are going to review two of the most highly rated platforms for the creation of sales funnels; ClickFunnels and InstaPages. We will compare them with one another, describing the strengths and weaknesses of each. Additionally, we will also highlight other programs that you can look into before deciding.

The quick answer is that Clickfunnels outshines Instapages in both cost and amenities. The starting monthly cost for Clickfunnels is $50/month cheaper than Instapages, and Clickfunnels’ landing page builder is easier to use.

Building landing pages is pretty crucial for any website purpose. Whether it’s for a small business offer for new leads or an affiliate marketing landing page, they’re needed.

The problem comes when you get analysis paralysis from trying to compare the pros and cons of all the SaaS companies out there that provide support for this. That’s where we come in. 😎

Sales funnels help websites attract new customers as a lead or sale. Having one or more landing pages to act as sales funnel is crucial for creating a sustainable business model.

The purpose of these programs

Considering the pace at which consumers are evolving, it is important for businesses to know about the different categories of people who are visiting them. Classifying prospective customers as leads allows you to know that these are the people who are interested in your product or service. With the right push, these people can be convinced to become long-term customers.

ClickFunnel and InstaPages are platforms which help build sales funnels. This is a model which outlines the whole process of a sale. Beginning from awareness all the way to purchase. These landing pages are where consumers enter the funnel. A landing page is significantly different from a website. The fundamental difference being in the purpose which they serve.

A landing page serves as the point where it all begins. It serves as a lead generation platform. As consumers become more and more aware due to the availability of resources like the internet, the amount of research they do has gone up. Digital presence plays a vital role in the process because a business website is a place where consumers start. If you can classify them like a lead at this point, there is a strong chance that they’ll eventually buy from you too.


The first tool we are going to talk about is ClickFunnel. The program was first launched in 2014 and has so far been used by thousands of businesses to create amazing, interactive and effective landing pages for their websites. ClickFunnel is a program which helps create fully functioning websites and not just landing pages.

If all this sounds confusing to you, let us simplify the whole process. ClickFunnel facilitates businesses in creating sales funnels. We’ve already described what this is. These funnels are different from websites because the latter has the sole purpose of educating or informing. The former begins with a landing page because it serves as the beginning of the sales process.

ClickFunnel can help a business put in place every feature which they believe will help turn a user into a lead. This includes visual content, chat windows, email dispatch widgets and a lot more besides. You can create a funnel for almost any product or service thanks to the innovative capabilities on the platform.


ClickFunnel and InstaPages are not very different in terms of features. They are chock full of elements which make it simple for even the most basic user to design and launch a complete website or sales-oriented landing page. Also, these portals can be optimized for both PCs and mobile devices from within the same tool.

Some of the headlining features available for ClickFunnel users are activity dashboards, affiliate management for creating new revenue streams, automated emails, seamless integration of customer resource management tools that your business uses, lead generation and management elements among a host of other things.

Together, these place a ton of resources at the disposal of business owners to create sales funnels which drive efficient lead generation. ClickFunnel has a user-friendly interface which makes designing landing pages very simple. There are templates available which you can customize and then incorporate with other applications to create a dynamic environment for creating prospects.


One of the biggest advantages of ClickFunnels is that it is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to create a working sales funnel. With InstaPages or any other program who will need third party apps to get the same level of functionality as you would with ClickFunnel. You can go all the way from planning and designing the website or landing page to hosting and launching it for consumers.

ClickFunnel also has a function which allows a business to create email lists and then automatically dispatch electronic communication mediums which helps in creating leads from ordinary users. Email marketing is one of the most effective avenues for targeting potential customers. Effective businesses today create niches out of their target markets and then provide them with solutions.

ClickFunnel is a platform brings every aspect of creating a sales funnel in one place. From start to finish, there is a way out of everything. Awareness, interest, consideration of alternatives, creation of intent, evaluation and eventually purchase. With ClickFunnel, there is something that a business can do for each step like adding “Add to cart” buttons to pages to demonstrate and act on intent.


While ClickFunnel is an amazing all-round application, it still has some drawbacks when compared to InstaPages or other similar programs. ClickFunnel has been extensively designed to offer a solution for every phase of the sales funnel which has eventually meant that there hasn’t been specific emphasis on landing pages.

ClickFunnel doesn’t have anywhere near the number of templates which InstaPages offers. This limits the simplicity with which pages can be created. It also takes slightly longer to get the desired results than it would with InstaPages. ClickFunnel is also a lot to take in for first time users. The extensive functionality can be too much for anyone to get their head around.

Another significant demerit to ClickFunnel’s credit is its lack of 3rd party integration for applications like WordPress or other content management systems. This can be treated both as a pro and con of ClickFunnel. It is designed to be a complete solution in itself, so there isn’t much that can be added to it through integration with other programs. On the contrary, there are other business applications that it can benefit from but doesn’t offer support for them.

Who is it best for?

ClickFunnel is an application which is amazing for beginners because it has so much to offer in every domain. Someone who is just starting down the path of learning how to create a website or landing page will require a program where they can find almost every feature imaginable in one place. This is what ClickFunnel is designed to do.

The tool is also an effective solution for business owners who don’t want to invest too much in a professionally designed for any reason. With ClickFunnel, every possible option to create an amazing website or sales funnel is available under the same banner. An ordinary person with not much experience of creating digital platforms will be able to comprehend and use it easily.

ClickFunnel is designed to create a complete sales funnel which helps companies improve sales. Although it might be a little too much to take in at first, at the end of the day ClickFunnel is designed to accommodate people belonging to almost any industry. What this means is that if you are a beginner in terms of creating websites, ClickFunnel is for you.


The next tool on the agenda today is InstaPages. Although we have dropped hints about some of the limitations and strengths of InstaPages already in the previous section, there is still a lot which remains to be highlighted. Launched in 2017, InstaPages has a more specific focus. It helps business owners create landing pages which serve as the entrance to the sales funnel.

This is one of the biggest distinguishing factors between ClickFunnel and InstaPages. You don’t have the power to create the whole website, just the gateway. This is where it all begins so it should be the element you spend the most time on. There is almost every imaginable function which a user would want on a landing page and there is the ability to customize it in any way you want.

InstaPages originally is a company which provides many more services than just a tool which is an amazing landing page builder. The basic objective of the brand is to boost conversion rates for any business. They do this through a variety of solutions which include cloud-based platforms ad their premium landing page creator.


InstaPages share a large number of features with ClickFunnel. They both offer activity dashboards, creative input for the landing pages, campaign analysis, conversion rate optimization features, drag and drop interfaces for their editors, customizable templates, lead management, market automation and a lot more besides.

This is not the end of it. InstaPages sounds like something which is designed specifically for the social media platform Instagram. While that is not entirely true, the tool offers integration with digital platforms. This also helps in boosting conversion rates because statistics show a vast majority of people using these platforms to look for products and businesses of interest.


It might sound redundant by now but InstaPages is a platform which helps businesses add elaborate landing pages to an already established website. Therefore, creating landing pages is the biggest strength and advantage of this application. If you are a business user, you can use the program creatively to design a page where the user can fall for your product or service immediately.

There are certain elements which attract customers substantially. Obviously, product quality and customer service play a vital role but those have a greater say in the retention of customers. In the start, website aesthetics have been shown to increase lead generation potentially to a great extent. In a survey conducted recently, more than 60% of respondents said they would immediately leave a poorly designed website.

By website, these people are referring to landing pages because that is where the journey begins for them. With InstaPage’s 33 million stock photos, 5000 fonts and hundreds of customizable themes and templates to pick from, there is absolutely no limit to the creativity that you can unleash using InstaPages. An anesthetic landing page is a path to a lead and potential customer.


InstaPage’s strength is also its biggest weakness. ClickFunnel is a solution which can help you create a website and sales funnel from the ground up. You won’t require the help from any other platform throughout the process if you install ClickFunnel. With InstaPages though, you need an already functioning website because it can only design a landing page for you.

InstaPages is also not very easy to set-up and integrate. ClickFunnel is only overwhelming at first but then it gets easier. With InstaPages you have to spend a considerable amount of time just going through the basics of it all. This can be time-consuming and sometimes ineffective for the ultimate purpose that you want the platform to serve.

Who is it best for?

InstaPages is a great tool if you want to improve the doorway to your website. Subsequently, it is suitable for businesses which already have a digital platform, but their landing pages need improvement. If you are looking for something that can help create a complete website, you would be better off using another program or application.

InstaPages works great as a Pay-per-click solution. Marketers who are looking to generate earnings through this medium can also utilize the platform to their advantage. The customizations that it offers are great to help the landing page suit the needs of almost every industry. With InstaPages, blogs and similar platforms can benefit a lot.

Alternatives to research about before deciding

Having shed light on almost every detail there is to know about ClickFunnel and InstaPages, it is only fair that we list other alternatives which serve similar purposes.

Ontraport is one such platform which provides similar features to ClickFunnel. The main difference between OntraPort and ClickFunnel is that the former puts a lot of focus on automating processes and functions.

Samcart is another platform which can serve as a substitute to ClickFunnel. This application has better integration with payment services like PayPal. The affiliate management in it is also cheaper.

On the negative side, the sales funnel support is not great and there is no email support or campaign automation.


There is no definitive answer that can be given for a comparison like this. As business owners or website creators, you have to asses your requirements and then make a decision accordingly. Both ClickFunnel and InstaPages have their own pros and cons. One is a complete solution for creating effective sales funnels while the other enhances the landing pages for an established website. With these factors in mind, you can make a proper decision on your own about which one is best for you.