Clickfunnels vs. Leadpages

Entrepreneurs today are embracing technology and incorporating e-commerce to the traditional means of doing business.

This incorporation creates awareness about what they offer and has a farther reach to customers that initially weren’t possible to reach. Almost all businesses now have an online presence. By doing such, their businesses expand both physically and digitally.

Getting your business online requires help, as you would need certain tools and programs to accomplish this.

At such a stage, websites like ClickFunnels and Leadpages got you covered. In this article, we would pit ClickFunnels vs. Leadpages to know what they offer and how best it suits your needs.


ClickFunnels is a website tool that assists individuals in their business by automating the sales process from start to finish. You can easily create landing pages, webinars, membership sites, and regular websites, and lots more on ClickFunnels.

How ClickFunnels has an assortment of pre-designed and customizable funnels which makes creating sales funnel very easy, thus making everything easy for users.

With a brilliant mix of marketing solutions and tools, ClickFunnels is mostly used by entrepreneurs for sales promotion and also product and services promotions. The all-in-one integration of tools is one of ClickFunnels’ unique features, which help set up funnels easily within a short time frame.

Features of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is structured to consider amateurs, therefore making their processes as simple as possible. Equipping individuals with simple yet powerful systems in setting up online stores and marketing them, too.

Features that ClickFunnels offer includes:

CRM System
This is a feature on ClickFunnels that allows you to get detailed information about your clients. You get pieces of information such as location, purchased goods, email or social profile, etc. through this tool, and you can do much more with it.

Ready-Made Sales Funnels
Create your own funnel by simply imputing your desired information and images. ClickFunnels already have pre-designed funnels and consist of sales pages, check-out pages, webinars, ebooks, etc.

Payment Integrations
You can easily integrate payment processes such as Stripe, PayPal, etc. in ClickFunnels for easy collection of payments.

Action Funnels
Action funnels are tools that you integrate on your funnel with emails to be able to develop a digital marketing machine that regulates the movement of emails back and forth from those who chose your funnel.

Affiliate Marketing System
ClickFunnels is one of the few sites to offer a feature like an Affiliate Marketing system. With this, you can create your affiliate programs and provide a link for other individuals to be able to sell your product.

Website Building Tool
If you do not want to use an already made funnel, you can use this feature to build your own. You can also find a feature like Email Marketing Tool on ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels costs $97 per month for the Standard package and $297 per month for Platinum.


  • You don’t need much marketing knowledge. All you need is just little or basic marketing knowledge, and
    ready-made funnels are available to help you.
  • ClickFunnels is very easy to use with no complications, even for an amateur.
  • Creating an integral sales funnels is relatively easy with ClickFunnels.
  • It’s an all-in-one tool that is a major advantage; you wouldn’t need to pay for individual tools.
  • It takes only a few hours to build your funnel, whereas some others could take days or even weeks.


  • The subscription is expensive.
  • ClickFunnels does not have a mobile app, which means one always has to go on the web. This could be of
    great inconvenience to some people.
  • ClickFunnels isn’t ideal if you want to run all your activities and business online.


Leadpages is a website that enables entrepreneurs to collect data on email subscribers. They provide a system that aids entrepreneurs in building their sales pages and also landing pages with relative ease.

They have a unique drag-and-drop feature that allows you to move pages however you like, or you can use an already made template. Page customization goes as far as changing fonts, colors, and also adding images to suit your brand.

Features of Leadpages

There are numerous features you can find on Leadpages which enable you to do various things. Such features you would encounter while using Leadpages include:

Drag-And-Drop Visual Editor
With this feature, you can easily customize your landing pages as much as you like to suit your need. A minor drawback is that it restricts the positioning of widgets to an extent, but it’s much better than trying to code a landing page by yourself.

Split Testing
The ability to test the incorporation and conversion on Leadpages is a nice and helpful feature that helps to reduce errors.

Countdown Timers
There is a drag-and-drop widget that enables users to insert a countdown timer to each landing page if they so choose to.

Unlimited Page Publishing
Leadpages allows you to publish many landing pages as much as you want with little restricting factor; Standard Plan allows for only 1 website, the Pro Plan allows for 3 websites, and the Advanced Plan allows for up to 50 websites.

There are other features you can find on Leadpages, such as Exit Intent Pop-Ups, Leadpages Domain Hosting, and also SEO Editor. The cost of using Leadpages vary according to the plan or package subscribed to. The Standard Plan costs just $37 monthly, the Pro Plan costs $79 monthly, and the Advanced Plan costs $321 monthly.


  • Leadpages has a simple interface that is extremely easy to use. A novice can easily use its drag-and-drop feature without much training.
  • Leadpages makes it easy to insert images and videos.
  • Leadpages doesn’t cost as much as other funnels because it offers an exclusive landing page builder.
  • Ideal for those who want a landing page since that’s what Leadpages solely offer.
  • It allows you to duplicate a landing page and use it for another purpose.


  • Leadpages only allow for the creation of landing pages.
  • Leadpages, like Clickfunnels, does not have a mobile app.
  • It does not have much integrations compared to Clickfunnels.


Contrasting between ClickFunnels and Leadpages is that they’re both amazing with distinct features. It’s now up to you to decide what and how you want to take your business online and what features you will be needing.

Choosing between ClickFunnels vs. Leadpages solely depends on the particular way you want to integrate your physical business with online technology.

If you simply need a landing page, then don’t go for ClickFunnels because you’ll be paying for what you are not using. Just go for Leadpages, except you want more than just landing pages.