Sales Funnels: How To Create A Sales Funnel On Shopify

In this post, you’ll learn how to create a sales funnel on Shopify. The rapid growth in the number of merchants conducting their business online has altered the e-commerce scene entirely. Rather than exhibiting their products or services in physical, holes in the walls, companies are going digital instead.

The increase in the use of electronic platforms raised the demand for well-developed sales funnels that provide attractive and useful templates. As one of the leading choices, Shopify guarantees businesses efficient and high-quality pitches that are both simple and rich in features.

Regarded as one of the most recommended e-commerce platforms, Shopify is designed to help businesses create an online store using hundreds of features built-in on the program and countless of user-friendly apps. It provides its users an avenue to promote their business online effortlessly, without the need of acquiring advanced technical skills.

What Does Shopify Have To Offer?

Shopify is a multinational e-commerce firm that hails from Canada. It is widely used for developing online stores, e-commerce websites, and apps. Aside from creating fully customizable online stores and web pages, here are more of Shopify’s amazing features:

  • Shopify offers highly attractive themes that are flexible, responsive, and easy to use.
  • The program provides its users access to unlimited bandwidth which they can use to promote products, also without limit or any restrictions.
  • It allows users extensive use of data storage backed with a state-of-the-art fraud analysis feature.
  • Shopify encourages the use of a variety of sales channels such as Facebook and Pinterest to sell their products and services.
  • Manually create and process orders and opt to take payments in person or via bank transfers by providing secure payment details through at least 70 payment gateways.
  • Shopify lets you customize your domain name for better product branding as they work together with popular names like Rakuten and Amazon.
  • It allows customers to reach you and for your business to reach back with 24/7 customer support through chat rooms, voice calls, and e-mail.

Tapping on Shopify’s services would hold you back a few dollars each month as the program is acquired through a monthly or yearly subscription model. It is an ideal partner for young companies due to its low startup cost, easy to use interface, and quick sales funnel launch.

Why Should I Use Shopify?

Using shopify for e-commerce to grow your business.

Shopify helps businesses get more customers by familiarizing your prospects with your company through pleasant and engaging sales funnels. Their program can be applied to most businesses as they have proven to advance any company’s sales process.

Aside from encouraging potential customers to browse and gather information about your products and services, here are several benefits that Shopify can offer your business:

1. Easy To Use

Shopify was designed to get online stores up and running in no time. Its funnels were created to provide firms that lack a strong online marketing team to build appealing templates that catch and hold a customer’s attention. It features fully customizable funnels that let your business develop an image that customers can always relate with.

2. Less Loading Time

Website visitors leave when your page fails to load quickly. Shopify understands that this may affect your revenue which is why they amped their effort to give their customers software that displays beautiful, engaging pages in as little time possible.

3. Social Media Integrated

Digital marketing relies heavily on social media. Shopify recognizes the gravity of social media’s importance as it takes full advantage of it as an effective marketing tool. Consumers now rely on word of mouth as they read blogs, posts, and consumer reviews before making a purchase.

4. Mobile Friendly

The rapid growth in the use of mobile devices has prompted companies to ensure that sales funnels display well on both mobile and non-mobile platforms. Shopify was designed to do just that as e-commerce has been on an obvious upswing in the past few years, generating additional sales to any business type.

5. Unmatched Safety And Reliability

One of the biggest issues that arose along with the increase of conducting business online is the privacy and safety of customers. Shopify shrugs off stories of cyber fraud as its servers and top-notch technical team keep customers’ personal information hidden and secure.

6. Round The Clock Customer Support

Shopify provides its users access to 24/7 customer support that is capable of resolving issues with utmost reliability. It quickly connects users to competent service agents for FAQ’s and for handling returns and exchanges through apps such as Facebook Messenger.

7. It’s All App To You

What makes Shopify fully customizable is the plethora of applications that become available due to the software. The program has its own app store where developers can create marketing tools like shipping label generation, specialized analytics, and accounting programs that they can offer for free or with cost to various businesses.

8. SEO Ready

Search Engine Optimization is essential for businesses that want to create more traffic towards their website. Shopify was created as an online marketing tool. This means that it is automatically SEO covered, giving your site a push in its search ranking that eventually translates to an increase in profits.

9. Buy Me?

Shopify boasts of its unique ability to track down customers who might have forgotten to complete their purchase on your online store. The software sends soon-to-be-customers a friendly, non-threatening, neighborly nudge through e-mails, reminding them to complete the transaction and find out what they’ve been missing.

10. Get Paid Any Way

Shopify knows how important it is for businesses to get paid. The system has collaborated with multiple payment platforms such as BitPay and Paypal, as well as their own payment system, to ensure that you can collect payments in various ways.

How To Create A Sales Funnel On Shopify

How to create a Shopify e-commerce funnel

Sales funnels are one of the fastest ways to boost a company’s online presence. It encourages new customers, sells more efficiently to each site visitor, and enhances the value of every purchase.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to developing sales funnels for your online store:

1. Find A Product Or Service That People Need

Staying relevant is key to increasing your profit. Remember that nobody wants what everybody already has, so be sure to be on the lookout for products that emit applicability.

2. Create A Convincing Storefront And Product Page

Shopify is never short of tools that can help you up the ante of your online marketing. Utilize every means to fashion out the most attractive and engaging landing pages.

3. Generate Online Traffic

Being seen by consumers is the most important out of all the aspects of your marketing campaign to be successful. Shopify gives your business the ability to tap on Facebook Advertising, Instagram posts shout outs, online blogs, and even to pop a video advertisement on YouTube as these are proven methods to introduce and showcase your business to the public.


With all of its amazing features, Shopify has emerged as one of the most reliable e-commerce development software that has altered the face of online marketing.

Wix Stores, Weebly, and WooCommerce are all great e-commerce platforms, but the effective and modest Shopify sure trumps em all.