6 Tools To Help You Create An Affiliate Marketing Funnel in WordPress

Being an affiliate marketer can be a career choice for individuals, but how does it work? Well, an organization can register you under them to help it sell its products, thereby you become an “affiliate” to that organization. Most organizations use influencers who have a wide reach of audience to advertise their products and sell … Read more

Clickfunnels vs. Shopify

Technology has revolutionized the way we do things in our world today, and this includes how sales are being made too. Most offline stores are gunning for an online presence, and it is greatly helpful for the growth of such business. But then, getting one’s business online is one thing, and attract customers is another. … Read more

Clickfunnels vs. Leadpages

Entrepreneurs today are embracing technology and incorporating e-commerce to the traditional means of doing business. This incorporation creates awareness about what they offer and has a farther reach to customers that initially weren’t possible to reach. Almost all businesses now have an online presence. By doing such, their businesses expand both physically and digitally. Getting … Read more

Clickfunnels vs. Instapage

In this article we are going to review two of the most highly rated platforms for the creation of sales funnels; ClickFunnels and InstaPages. We will compare them with one another, describing the strengths and weaknesses of each. Additionally, we will also highlight other programs that you can look into before deciding. The quick answer … Read more

Clickfunnels for Real Estate

If you’re a realtor or creating a funnel for a Real Estate firm, I’ve got some good stuff for you below. I’ll be sharing some free funnels (from Clickfunnels) for the Real Estate niche. I’ll go even deeper and share how I have personally helped realtors get leads for home buyers and sellers, using the … Read more